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4. Nokia Mobile Film Festival MOFF

Nokia Mobile Film Festival MOFF 2010 would like to thank all the movie makers who presented their masterpieces. The festival has finished for this year, we wish everyone to keep realizing new ideas so we could see you here again next year. All the films are up for watching in the MOFF Cinema Hall. The best of MOFF 2010 have been announced, meet the jury HERE. Congratulations to the winners:


Best Mobile Film 2010

"They are here" Sten-Martin Saarest


Voters' favourite

"Mõttekäik matemaatikas"Andra Seepter ja Kadri Laanemaa


Roman Tavast special award "Best school-themed movie"

"Mõttekäik matemaatikas" Andra Seepter ja Kadri Laanemaa


ADM Interactive award "Best viral video"

"Statistika näitab, et..." Taavi Koppel (I)

"Colorful EU" Péter Vadócz (II)

"They are here" Sten-Martin Saarest (III)



NEW! All of this year's films can be seen on a big screen as well - every evening starting from 8PM, the EMT Center in Solaris Center awaits you to watch them!


MOFF 2010 would also like to thank everybody who helped us to organize the festival - we are most grateful! :)

The mobile film festival is presented by Nokia and it is organised in collaboration with MTÜ Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival (PÖFF), the internet- and e-marketing partner ADM Interactive and TLÜ Baltic Film and Media School.

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